The Friday & Co team

The Friday & Co team consists of several specialists. Six of them operate from Rotterdam (the Netherlands) as their home port, one of them from Riga (Latvia). Both offices work as independent shipbrokers. Thanks to this geographical spread, we are able to act quickly and mediate personally in North-West Europe and in the Baltic region. The combined experience and expertise of the team members is one of our strengths: we complement each other perfectly. Some of our members have spent years at sea in different functions, others specialize in international and maritime law, or have special knowledge of market developments, current legislation and regulations, or the typical flood of documentation that comes with each transaction. We are each other’s support system, each other’s eyes and ears. Another advantage of this varied team is the languages they speak. Certainly, working in Europe, we can often communicate with clients in their mother tongue or in English.

Our crew in Rotterdam currently consist of 6 brokers, being:

Office locations

Besides our office in Rotterdam, we are also located in Riga. You can find more information about our Riga office on their website.